Little Elephant Amigurumi Crochet Free PDF Pattern

Designer: Stuffed Amigurumi
Instagram: @stuffedamigurumi

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One of the free amigurumi crochet patterns we will share today is the amigurumi elephant, whose photos and design belong to @stuffedamigurumi. You can learn how to crochet these elephant using the free amigurumi pattern. Made using plush yarn. The dress of the amigurumi elephant toy is crocheted in a bee pattern. You can crochet a free amigurumi pattern using different colors of yarn. Thanks to Stuffed Amigurumi (ravelry) for this little elephant bee.

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MR – magic ring
Sc – single crochet
Dec – decrease
Inc – increase
Ch – chain
Hdc – half double crochet
Slst – Slip Stitch
BLO – Back loop only
R – round
F.o. = finish off


Grey yarn
R1. MR 7 sc
R2. 7 inc (14)
R3. sc, inc * 7 (21)
R4. 2sc, inc * 7 (28)
R5. 3sc, inc * 7 (35)
R6. 4sc, inc * 7 (42)
R7. 5sc, inc * 7 (49)
R8-9. 49 sc

R10. 6sc, inc * 7 (56)
R11-12. 56 sc
R13. 3sc, inc * 14 (70)
R14-19. 70 sc
R20. 32 sc, 6 ch skip 6 sc, 32 sc
R21-22. 70 sc
R23. 3sc, dec * 14 (56)
R24. 2sc, dec * 14 (42)
R25. sc, dec * 14 (28)

Back to R20 of the head. Crochet around the hole left.
R1. 14 sc
R2-4. 14 sc
R5. 5sc, dec * 2 (12)
R6-8. 12 sc
R9. 4sc, dec * 2 (10)
R10-12. 10sc
R13. 5dec
F.o. Leave a tail then use a needle to sew the hole.

Legs – Body
R1. MR, 6sc
R2. 6 inc (12)
R4-7. 12sc
Cut off. Make 2nd leg, do not cut off but make 4 ch then link to 1st leg.

R8. 12sc + 4sc on 4 ch+ 12sc on leg 2 + 4sc on 4 ch (32)
R9. sc, inc * 16 (48)
R10-13. 48 sc
R14. 5sc, dec * 6 (42)
R15-16. 42 sc
R17. 4sc, dec * 7 (35)
R18-21. 35 sc
R22. 3sc, dec * 7 (28)
R23-25. 28 sc
F.o. Leave a long tail for sewing.

R1. MR, 5sc
R2. 5 inc (10)
R3-10. 10sc
F.o. Leave a long tail for sewing.

R1. MR, 7sc
R2. 7 inc (14)
R3. sc, inc * 7 (21)
R4. 2sc, inc * 7 (28)
R5-8. 28sc
R9. 12sc, dec * 2 (26)
F.o. Leave a long tail for sewing.

Start with yellow yarn
R1. 33 ch, 32sc
R2. sc, inc * 16 (48)
Change to black yarn
R3. 8sc, 7 ch, skip 7, 18sc, 7 ch, skip 7, 8sc
R4. 48sc
Change to yellow yarn

R5. 2 ch, hdc in the same st, 2hdc each st along
Change to black yarn
R6. 96 hdc
Change to yellow yarn
R7. 96 hdc
Change to black yarn
R8. 96 hdc
Back of the dress: insert hook in R5, crochet bottom up: sc, 4 ch, 4sc, 4 ch, sc, fasten off.
Sew buttons size 6mm on right flap.

• Safety eyes size 10mm
• The bee-bow: with white ; MR, 2 ch, 2hdc, 2 ch, slst, 2 ch, 2hdc, 2 ch, slst into the MR.
Tighten the MR. Use yellow yarn to wrap around the middle. Use black yarn to sew the stripes and sew on the head.
• Under- mouth: MR, 2 ch, 5hdc, 2 ch, slst,
Tighten the MR. Sew under the mouth.

Congratulations, you have completed…

Download PDF Pattern

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